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“If you’re reading this, just hire Mason and Megan already. You’d be bummed if they were already booked.

But here’s our story and it was magical: 

Going into our wedding, it was important to us that we picked the right photographer. I’m a documentary filmmaker and my wife is in PR, so we wanted the pictures to be artistic, timely, and not to mention perfect. No pressure, right? And I’m also really annoying and a bit of a perfectionist. But worry not, Mason and Megan to the rescue. And man, did they do an incredible, incredible job. Really. 

Right away we were comforted by the fact that they are a husband and wife team which told us: 

a) know what love looks like. 
b) likely know exactly how to “do the dance” and work off one another. 
c) know who is better at what aspects of shooting.
d) they’re really wonderful people who are easy to get along with and totally understand what we’re going through. 
e) We have a son and they have a daughter, so we were also confident they’d know how best capture the little homie even if he was being a little monster (he was good, and I give Megan credit for that!) 

And then we saw the pictures on their website. And I would encourage you to look at our pictures on their blog (Dave and Ashley Targan’s Wedding). They’re bright, beautiful, full of emotion, and the light, holy cow the light. We chose Megan and Mason because of how they work with light (among many, many, many, many, many other things), but I was really impressed with their style and that’s the first thing that stood out to me. 

Just to go back further, from the moment we met Mason and Megan they asked all the right questions. They were familiar with both venues where we shot our photographs and had a great plan of attack to get us what we wanted. They’re like ninjas, these two, and on the day of the wedding they were basically nowhere to be seen (but were very much present and caught everything — they just hide in the shadows or something!)

Bottom line, by the end of our wedding, Megan and Mason felt like friends — even though we had only spent probably 10 hours total with them! We owe them a debt of gratitude for the memories that were made that day. I think they photographed every single person at the entire wedding looking and acting their best, but totally candidly. I don’t know how they did/do it. It and they are impressive. 

Second bottom line: HIRE MASON AND MEGAN. They made a perfect day even more perfect. 

Thank you, Mason and Megan, let’s be friends because you guys are the best.”

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