Angelo & Jamie

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MasonandMegan_Wedding_Photography_01 It’s not often that we get to shoot in my home town of Palos Verdes, but we had a great time finding beautiful locations for Jamie and Angelo. I have known Jamie since we were in kindergarten, so I loved catching up and meeting her sweet fiance. Jamie and Angelo are both nurses and have the biggest hearts for others! We can’t wait for your wedding this summer. MasonandMegan_Wedding_Photography_02 MasonandMegan_Wedding_Photography_03 MasonandMegan_Wedding_Photography_04 MasonandMegan_Wedding_Photography_05 MasonandMegan_Wedding_Photography_06 MasonandMegan_Wedding_Photography_07 MasonandMegan_Wedding_Photography_08 MasonandMegan_Wedding_Photography_09 MasonandMegan_Wedding_Photography_10 MasonandMegan_Wedding_Photography_11 MasonandMegan_Wedding_Photography_12 MasonandMegan_Wedding_Photography_13

we'd love to celebrate with you!