First looks have become more popular in recent years and as photographers, many couples ask our opinion on the matter. It’s the question of whether you want to see each other before the ceremony or wait until you walk down the aisle. We know it’s a big aspect to consider and hope you take time to decide together as a couple. Your wedding should represent you, so choose what is best for the day you and your fiance imagine together.

As you read this article, please understand that we aren’t here to tell you what to do, but simply share why many couples decide on a first look together.

You get to enjoy your cocktail hour with guests

Since we will have already done some portraits and wedding party photos before the ceremony, you only need to do family photos before joining your friends and family. You will be able to spend more time with your guests and get to experience the cocktail hour vibes! It also allows you time to see all your guests without needing to zip quickly through every table at dinner when you could be eating that yummy meal you planned together.

More time as a couple on your wedding day 

If we had to pick, this is probably our number one reason to do a first look. Don’t you want to spend the most time possible together? Yessss! By doing a first look, you probably get an extra 2 hours with each other on the wedding day.

Relieve your wedding day Nerves 

There is a lot of anticipation and emotion that goes into a wedding day, so some couples simply feel more calm and relaxed once they see each other. Being more relaxed will help you be more present with your friends and even help you remember more of your wedding day down the road.

Utilize more of your venue

Before guests arrive, we are able to take photos throughout most of the venue. Oftentimes, a great spot may be the same location as cocktail hour so it becomes unusable after the ceremony. As we shoot, we love showing off your venue because it represents the atmosphere of your day that you want to remember for years to come.

Easier logistics for your timeline 

We’re going to be honest here because the truth is that it’s just easier when you don’t have to hide from one another. If you do a first look, we can roam around without constantly triple checking where the bride or groom might be when we come out for pre-ceremony photos.

You get a bonus portrait session

We LOVE wedding day portraits for so many reasons, but these two stand out. First, you both get a chance to just be together and soak in the reality of being married, yay! You get space to breathe a little and just relax before getting back to your party. Second, we just love giving you more portraits to frame on your wall or put into a wedding album. Having portraits before and after the ceremony actually feels very different because now you’re MARRIED, and that joy shines through in your photos.

By under on March 7, 2018

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